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Magento-OpenERP connector

Our team is developing a Magneto-OpenERP connector.
This connector allows users to combine the power of both tools to manage efficiently your online shop.
Currently, the available features are :
  • Customer synchronization from Magento to OpenERP : New customers than make an order in Magento are automatically created in OpenERP.
  • Product synchronization from OpenERP to Magento : New products created in one of the tools are automatically created in the other. Modifications of different product parameters in OpenERP are automatically synchronized.
  • Stock synchronization : Available stock in Magento and OpenERP are identical. OpenERP allows more advanced management of your stock. It can be based on your production or on your supplier purchase orders. OpenERP can also generate automatic purchase orders based if your stock goes too low.
  • Order synchronization : Orders created in Magento are automatically created in OpenERP. You can then follow up with the delivery on OpenERP.
OpenERP is a very flexible openm source managment software. It can easily be configured or customized to match your needs. A large amount of modules exists to manage your business :
  • Customer relations management
  • Employee management
  • Production management
  • Accoutancy
  • Marketing
  • ...

It is freely available for download on our Google Code page :

We also propose professional turn-key solutions, that can be adapted to your business needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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